Process Piping

Our process piping comprises of all the pipes, valves, and control instruments used including the installation and ongoing maintenance.  This includes services such as:


  • Gas
  • Hydraulic/Lube Oil Systems
  • Hygienic
  • Compressed Air/Sanitary Compressed Air
  • Cooling Water/Chilled Water Systems
  • Steam and Condensate
  • Material Handling and Vacuum
  • Non-Potable Water


Our team of experts are knowledgeable in all aspects of commercial and industrial HVAC.  Our services include:

  • HVAC installation and maintenance
  • Insu and retrofit of sheet metal and pipe systems
  • Installation and servicing air side, refrigeration, and water side equipment
  • Chilled water piping, chillers and cooling towers
  • Condenser water piping
  • Heat exchangers
  • Hot water boiler systems
  • Hydraulic and pump piping
  • Underground HVAC piping

Orbital Tube Welding - Food Grade / Sanitary Applications

We have extensive expertise in orbital or sanitary tube welding for food processing plants, breweries, pharmaceutical plants or even cosmetic plants.  Orbital tube welding is a consistent, full-penetration process that ensures quality connections and seals for all pipe replacements or connecting points.  This type of weld has a smooth surface, ensuring easy and reliable cleaning with no crevices or oxidation that could possibly harbor bacteria and other contaminants.   We make sure to use the appropriate stainless steel grade given the application.  For example, higher acidity products such as cosmetics require higher grade steel.  We never use filler rods in the welding process in order to avoid introducing impurities.

    Certified Welding & Fabrication

    Our highly trained design, fabrication and welding team allow us to fabricate any custom project to meet your industry needs.  Our fabrication capabilities include carbon or high-strength alloy steels, conventional stainless steels and most non-ferrous metals. We provide proven welding and piping expertise for process piping, piping component fabrication and field installation. 


    We offer a complete range of industrial and commercial plumbing services including design, build, retrofit and repair.  Services often include:

    • Backflow preventor service
    • excavation and backfill
    • natural gas piping
    • commercial and industrial piping
    • sanitary, drain and waste
    • vent site utilities
    • underground plumbing
    • drain line services
    • and more.

    Facilities Maintenance

    At Buckeye Industrial Piping, we have the knowledge, people, and tools to reliably address all aspects of your plant maintenance needs:

    • Supplemental Maintenance Services
    • Preventative Maintenance
    • Turnaround Planning, Scheduling, Execution
    • Small Capital Project Execution
    • Improved Safety Results
    • Increased Production Runtime
    • Reduced Maintenance Headcount